Power vs. Strength…..

Power Vs Strength, which is more important for me?

This question may be something you’d never ask yourself, but if you think about where/ when /how to start tackling  resolutions you committed to (maybe under the influence..),  I think you’ll want to consider the 5/1 difference at Maddog 5/1, Revolutionary Fitness!

Our schedule offers classes that combine power and strength, some that are specific to either power or strength~ depending on your goals!  strength-vs-power-whats-the-difference

Cardio, core, upper body, lower body, core and balance = 5 in every 1 workout.  Combining cardio and strength during your workout saves time, you get it all checked off at once~ saves $$$$$ as you only need one membership, and keeps you focused! The small group factor in our classes keeps you  accountable, our experienced trainers keep you motivated and our classes are uniquely designed to keep it FUN and bring RESULTS!

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