Now it’s more important than ever to keep a healthy fitness routine in your life. We all understand these are unprecedented times, the reality is we have no idea when ~if ever~ our old faithful ways can return.

At Maddog 5/1 we aren’t going to wait it out, we’re not putting it off, we’re not quitting. We’re pushing forward in a new way because it’s a new day. We’ve pivoted and twisted and turned and made mistakes and still make mistakes but we’re not backing down.

Virtual Maddog 5/1, At Home With You.

We offer 7 classes a week that are Virtually Live Streamed from our studio in St. Joseph. We have a library of over 15 “On Demand” workouts you can rent. We add new workouts to the library every week! Our Virtual presentation has been honed and we think it looks pretty good. The audio is clear, the communication is awesome, what’s really cool is we acknowledge you on the screen and offer a variety of options for you to choose from…what works best ~ feels best for your body.

We’re not robots and neither are you. We want you to feel safe and confident in continuing your workout regimen, and if you haven’t jumped on board with a fitness routine yet, no worries, we have a variety of classes that accommodate all levels.

The trick is to start.

Start somewhere, just like we did when we launched into world of virtual fitness. Live Streaming wasn’t pretty for us in the beginning, but we’ve had over 3 months to practice and get better- we still have work to do, that’s for sure. We have more time than ever before, to work on the things we’re not great at yet. Let’s get together and share some workouts, you help us by showing up and working hard, we’ll help you by bringing our absolute best ~every single rep, every single set, every single class!

Join Us!

Go to MindBody search Maddog 5/1 and select your classes!