“Our style of training is tough, but benefits the group and the individual. We leverage the camaraderie of a team to encourage personal success to meet goals.”  — Maddog

Who We Are

Maddog 5/1 is a boutique style fitness studio where men and women can find innovative, challenging workouts designed to improve their overall fitness in an individual or group environment.

Our Studio is the only fitness facility in the region that owns Real Ryder Bikes~ our choice for indoor cycling. We exclusively offer 18 classes a week that include the Real Ryder experience presented in our custom designed Wind Studio including a stage for optimal site to the Maddog Trainer on the lead bike.

With a wide variety of classes (over 30 classes a week), our schedule is designed to keep you motivated, moving and ready for more.
Real Ryder Bikes, TRX, Kettle Bell, and  Barre keep it functional and fun!
Maddog 5/1 Revolutionizes the way we work out by incorporating the 5 major components of fitness into One Workout…
Nobody said this would be easy, you didn’t come here for easy – you came here to work!  

Our Space

The boutique of Maddog 5/1 includes 4 specialty studios; Earth – our smallest space for one on one and starter classes;  our crown jewel ~Wind – home to our Real Ryder Bikes; Fire – the perfect environment for heated and non-heated class designs; and The Dog House – because as you might guess we must have boxing bags and battle ropes!


Heart pumping, sweat dripping endorphin happiness!


Not your Momma's Crunches!

Upper Body

Swing and Pump those Bi's, Tri's and Delts, don't forget your Pecs, and Back to boot!

Lower Body

Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes - Oh Boy!


Take Gravity to the Test, One Foot At A Time - Not just for Ballerinas anymore!

About Marydawn


A Self-described fitness junky, Marydawn ( aka Maddog)  is passionate about inspiring and motivating others to be more active and enjoy a best life attitude!   As the founder of Maddog 5/1, Revolutionary Fitness, Marydawn has grown the Studio into an award winning regional leader in group fitness.  Now, with a global reach through the online fitness streaming service BurnAlong; you can access Maddog workouts anywhere, anytime!

Marydawn holds a BS from Winona State University,  is a Graduate of Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses and Goldman Sachs 1oK Business Summit. Certifications include  AFAA Personal Training, AFAA Group Exercise, Johnny G Spinning, TRX Suspension Training, Real Ryder, Yoga  Fitness and Barre Fitness. Diving into the online fitness business, Marydawn is a verified online partner at BurnAlong.com   Enjoying a career that has spanned over 20 years as professional, the culmination of this experience is Maddog 5/1, Revolutionary Fitness.


Originally from Toledo Ohio, Missy moved to SW Michigan in late 2010 and never looked back – she loves living, working and exercising in this beautiful community. Missy is a workout fanatic and is an AFAA certified Group Ex instructor. She also holds certifications in Real Ryder, TRX and Shockwave. When asked what her favorite […]

    Kristi hales from  the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (above the mitten). A middle school Language Arts teacher by day,  Kristi’s  passion  for fitness and health provides the motivation  she needs to lead Maddog classes after a long day with students.  Kristi’s involvement with Maddog 5/1 spans many year, first as a client in Marydawn (Maddog) […]

      Born and raised in a small town near Toledo, Ohio, Brittni has been a Saint Joe resident since 2012 and a certified yoga instructor since 2016. Residing in northern California, Brittni fell in love with yoga in 2010 while living next to a yoga studio! “I was marathon training and thought yoga would be great […]

        Ciara (pronounced Keera) is originally from Southwest Michigan and after teaching in Little Rock, AR for three years the Ashley family came back home to raise a family.  After leaving the education profession to stay home with her two children, Ciara has found a home at Maddog 5/1 combining her two passions: teaching and having […]

          Jami was born and raised in St. Joseph; a  relocation to  Denver is where  and when  Jami  fell in love with fitness – barre classes and anything “boot camp” are  among my  favorites. As beautiful as Colorado is, I missed my family in St. Joe and the ever beautiful Lake Michigan, I returned home to […]

            As a lifelong resident of St. Joe, Kari loves lake front activities, and recently took her passion to the water learning SUP. Crazy busy as a wife and mother of three active kids, Kari is also the varsity coach of the Lakeshore Poms Team. “Passion and energy drive both my personal life at home and […]

              After 13 years away, Sarah returned to southwest Michigan in 2017 and is thrilled to be back. A lover of fitness, Sarah was an avid runner for much of her life. After completing 2 marathons, Sarah found that running alone wasn’t helping her manage the stress of her career in advertising. While working in Denver, Sarah […]

                As the founder and owner of Maddog 5/1, Revolutionary Fitness, Marydawn ~AKA Maddog~  built the studio that was missing from the community of fitness in the area.  A place that everyone felt welcome, everyone felt challenged and everyone felt the passion that was shared by the  Maddog Crew at the studio.  This one of a […]

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