We’re turnin up the fun factor on Saturdays  when our new Fall Schedule hits September 3rd. Here’s just one of the fun new classes,  our description is bound to make you smile!

  Alert: BFF coming soon!

Saturdays @8:45

  BFF~ Barre Fierce Fusion

 Come on Babygirls we get it; sometimes you’re Delicate  and sometimes you’re Fierce, BarreFierceFusion unveils  these personas to bring out the true badass hidden inside.  Let it out girl~ it’s FUN!
Combos of our Cornerstone Workout~Fierce 5/1 and our signature hottie~ FireBarre 5/1 make it a fab choice if you’re ready for change and results.
 Non- Heated,,,Athletic shoes required, bring H2O ~ you’re gonna need it!