Maddog 5/1, Revolutionary Fitness ~ why choose us…

Maddog 5/1 is a boutique fitness studio specializing in Group Fitness. Our classes are designed by Maddog and her team of talented, passionate trainers; serious about clients results, they bring the energy to make a difference! Maddog 5/1 classes feature RealRyder Bikes for an indoor Ryde that burns 20% more cals than the average stationary bike.WOW!
Our unique class list includes other favorites like Barre and Yoga~ but we turn up the heat and add intensity that is often missing from classic Barre & Yoga classes. We love TRX, Kettle Bell and Boxing mash-ups that include our Five in One; Cardio, Core, Upper Body, Lower Body and Balance!
Summer 2019 rolls in with brand new classes  to keep our challenges fresh and exciting~ and keep results in full bloom all  summer long!
Check out our schedule for all our great classes…here are just a few of the new ones:
SUP FitFun
Favs we brought back:
TRX 5/1
……and many more great options to choose from!
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