Maddog Loves Burpees!

5 Reasons Why…
1. They burn mega calories!
2. They make you stronger.
3. They’re great for conditioning.
4. They’re portable and require no equipment.
5. You can add them to almost any workout.
Once described to me as a “controlled fall” burpees are just that, a way to hit the floor and get back up to standing safely.  Burpees can be modified easily for all levels and ages of athletes, as a Master Level Personal Trainer I incorporate them into most workouts for my clients at some point~ I  think they are  mandatory.   In the design of our Maddog Group Classes we challenge our clients to give their best and make burpees work for their needs.
How To Perform a Burpee:
1. Start in a semi squat position.
2. Hands on the ground, jump back and lower chest to the ground~ lying flat on the ground.
3. Jump to your feet.
4. Jump Up, Yell Whoop! Whoop!
Modifications Include:
1. Walk out to a plank position,
2. Lower your knees to the ground, then your chest to the ground.
3. Push yourself back up to knees, then to a plank position.
4. Walk your feet to hands, return to a standing position. Yell Whoop! Whoop!
What I’ve just described is the the same thing that happens if you fall, you try to catch yourself and land on the ground, recovering to a standing position.  This is a burpee, it is  a functional move that can be performed at any age.
Each year for my birthday I challenge myself and my clients to a Burpee Party …. this year I turn 61, so heads up badass, we’re doing 61 + 1 for a fabulous year.
Join us a Maddog 5/1 for all kinds of functional fitness fun!
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